AV USB 2.0 Device Drivers Cleaner Tool Download

This tool is intended for users of OLYMPUS® CAMEDIA® or SP consumer digital cameras in the QuickPHOTO programs. It allows you to use new AV USB 2.0 Pro live image displaying device on computers, where the older AV USB 2.0 device was used.

This tool removes the AV USB 2.0 device drivers from the operating system. If you would like to use the original AV USB 2.0 device on the computer again, it is required to reinstall its device drivers.

Installation instructions:

  1. Make sure the QuickPHOTO program is not running.
  2. Download and run the avusb20drivercleaner.exe file.
  3. Continue by following the on-screen instructions.
Download the tool [ 570 kB ] ›››

OLYMPUS®, CAMEDIA® are registered trademarks of OLYMPUS Corp.


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