3D Digital Microscope PRO-3D 2.0

Additional kit that extends a stereomicroscope by true 3 dimensional stereoscopic imaging on 3D monitors and TVs with acquisition of 3D and 2D digital images.


System Description:

A stereomicroscope is equipped with two digital cameras. Each camera captures a live view of each optical path. Both live views are processed in REAL-TIME and displayed on a 3D monitor or a 3D TV, which provides LIVE truly spatial observation of specimens. The image looks just like you would observe in any stereomicroscope yet the spatial effect is so persuasive, that the specimen seems to protrude from the screen, as though it could be grasped.

Features Overview:

  • 3D live view from a stereomicroscope displayed on a 3D monitor or 3D TV (suitable for single or multiple observers)
  • Acquisition, storing and viewing of 3D digital images. Complete 3 dimensional image information can be stored within a single image file.
  • Acquisition, storing and viewing of standard 2D digital images
  • 3D live view can be observed remotely using Skype or TeamViewer.

Software Features:

3D Video:

The following video displays examples of 3D live view and then 3D images from 3D digital microscope PRO-3D 2.0. 3D monitor or TV with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting side-by-side 3D mode is needed to watch this video in 3D.

The video has been recorded from OLYMPUS SZX7 stereomicroscope with Sunflower Illuminator.

Fields of Use:

The PRO-3D 2.0 system is intended for all users of stereomicroscopes. It can be used for example in the following fields:

  • Biological and medical fields entomology, botany, anatomy
  • Geoscience geology, mineralogy and archaeology
  • Industry - quality control in production, control of printed circuit boards assembly
  • Criminology
  • Education training

Parts Included in the Kit:

The PRO-3D 2.0 kit contains the following parts:

  • 2x digital USB 2.0 CMOS camera
  • Application software
  • 2x PCI Express USB controller for connecting the cameras
  • Stage micrometer for calibration
  • USB cables

Minimal System Requirements:

For operating the PRO 3D 2.0 system following equipment is needed:

  • Stereomicroscope with two (2) optical outputs with adapters for camera connection (two eyepiece camera adapters can be optionally used), proper illumination
  • 3D monitor or TV with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting side-by-side 3D mode: e.g. LG Cinema 3D
  • Desktop PC with following parameters:
Processor Operating Memory RAM Slots Operating System
Intel Core i3 (i5 is recommended) 2 GB (4 GB or more is recommended) 2x PCI Express slot for USB controllers Microsoft®

Microsoft® and Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
OLYMPUS® is a registered trademark of OLYMPUS Corp.
LG and CINEMA 3D are registered trademarks of LG Electronics Inc.


02/2017 Image Stitching Module for QuickPHOTO Released

Image Stitching module enables to interactively stitch together multiple fields of view from microscopes with manual stage.
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12/2016 Automated HDR Imaging Available for Canon EOS DSLRs

Canon EOS DSLR control panel of QuickPHOTO programs now supports automated HDR imaging (HDR module is required). The HDR feature can be also combined with automated EDF imaging by Deep Focus module. Installation package of an updated Canon EOS control panel can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

12/2016 New Models of CANON EOS DSLR Cameras Supported

Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6 and 80D are now supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software suite. Installation package of an updated control panel can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

02/2016 HDR 2.0 Module for QuickPHOTO Programs Released

New version of HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) module for QuickPHOTO is now available. It newly supports automated HDR image acquisition feature and can be combined with Deep Focus (EDF) module. More info>>

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