SUNFLOWER - Advanced Multi-Segment LED Illuminator for Stereomicroscopes

The SUNFLOWER illuminator is designed to provide extraordinary reflected light illumination for very difficult to illuminate samples. It generates soft, glare free lighting where all other illumination techniques have failed.

SUNFLOWER Stereomicroscope LED Illuminator

SUNFLOWER illuminator unit with 2 arms opened

Features Overview:

  • Excellent for illumination of insects, semiconductor parts, jewelry, metals, rocks, plastics, glass...
  • 12+1 independently controlled LED segments creating pseudo-spherical surface illuminate the specimen from almost all directions without producing shades
  • Diffusers of LED segments minimize production of glares
  • 6 tilting arms for convenient specimen handling and setting the angle of light incident on a specimen
  • 432 LEDs provide high illuminating power
  • Single button press switches on / off the whole upper and lower ring formed by LED segments
  • Rotation of the preset combination of light / switched off LED segments clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Constant color temperature over the whole illumination range
  • Constant brightness - no flickering and no interference with the camera’s image frequency
  • Low power consumption, lifetime over 20 000 hours
  • Environmentally friendly solution - free from halogen and mercury, RoHS compliant
  • Dimensions: 195 mm x 195 mm x 133(height) mm
  • PC control option (SDK available)
  • Supported by QuickPHOTO 3.x software suite

Example of Use:

SUNFLOWER Stereomicroscope LED Illuminator on a Stereomicroscope with a Control Unit

SUNFLOWER LED illuminator on a stereomicroscope with a control unit

Comparison of Different LED Illuminators:

Beetle illuminated by gooseneck LED illuminator Beetle illuminated by ring light LED illuminator
Beetle illuminated by gooseneck illuminator Beetle illuminated by ring light illuminator

Beetle illuminated by ringlight + gooseneck LED illuminator
Beetle illuminated by ring light+ gooseneck illuminators

Beetle illuminated by SUNFLOWER Stereomicroscopes LED illuminator
Beetle illuminated by SUNFLOWER LED illuminator

Compatibility with Stereomicroscopes:

Regarding the compatibility, the most important element of the stereomicroscope is the used lens (objective). The most important parameter is the diameter of the lens. The reason is, that the illuminator's hole for the lens is 69 mm.

1. Lenses with diameter higher than 69 mm

Lenses with diameter higher than 69 mm cannot go through the hole of the illuminator. In such cases the working distance of the lens used needs to be higher then is the height of the illuminator which is 133 mm. In other cases the specimen needs to be lifted up on the stage.

2. Lenses with diameter up to 69 mm

Lenses with diameter up to 69 mm can go throught the hole of the illuminator. See the scheme below:

Sunflower Stereomicroscope LED Illuminator Lens Compatibility Scheme

In this case, there are two important parameters of the lens, which need to be considered:

  • WD - Working Distance
  • LL - Length of the Lens

In order to be sure, there will be no need to lift up the specimen or to open the arms of the illuminator, the following criterion should be accomplished:

WD + LL >= 133 mm

(That means, that the sum of Working Distance of the lens and Length of the Lens needs to be higher than is the height of the illuminator.)


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