Motorized Microscope Heavy-Duty Stand Suitable for Extended Depth of Field Imaging

PRO-MLS microscopy motorized stand with with PRO-FUAD adapter with 32 mm mounting rod and CB-ZM control unit

Features Overview:

  • Motorized Z axis (travel and focusing)
  • Focusing and travel by UP and DOWN buttons, change of focus speed using SPEED button
  • Adapters for various optical optical devices (stereomicroscopes, macro cameras…) and accessories (X-Y stages, LED illuminators…)
  • Compatible with backlight LED illuminators for transmitted illumination e.g. Schott VisiLED
  • High bearing capacity (up to 16 kg) and rigidity, silent running
  • Travel range 19.5 cm
  • Travel range protected by built-in limit switches. Vertical position of lower limit switch adjustable
  • Minimal step 15 µm
  • Remote control by a two-button foot switch (optional)
  • Controlled by CB-ZM control unit with PC control option
  • Compatible with Deep Focus Extended Depth of Field (EDF) software module for QuickPHOTO software, optionally also in combination with HDR module (EDF + HDR).
  • Suitable also for macro applications
  • Motorized column can be detached from the base and mounted e.g. to a desk or a table by 6 screws

Available Microscope Adapters:

Examples of Compatible Microscopes:

  • OLYMPUS® SZX and SZ series stereomicroscopes
  • Nikon® SMZ1270, SMZ1270i, SMZ800N, SMZ745/745T, SMZ445/SZ460
  • Leica® S6E,S6, M50, M60, M80, S8APO, MZ10F
  • Huvitz® HSZ-700 and HSZ-600 series stereomicroscopes
  • Motic® SMZ series streomicroscopes (with 76mm mounting diameter)
  • All other microscopes attachable to 32 mm rod or microscopes with 76mm mounting diameter (yoke)

Examples of Use:

PRO-MLS microscope motorized stand with OLYMPUS® SZX16 stereomicroscope
Display detail - PRO-MLS stand with PRO-ZBAD adapter, OLYMPUS® SZX16 stereomicroscope and CB-ZM control unit

OLYMPUS® is a registered trademark of OLYMPUS Corp.
Nikon® is registered trademark of Nikon Corp.
Leica® is registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH
Huvitz ® is registered trademark of Huvitz Co., Ltd
Motic ® is registered trademark of Motic Inc.


02/2016 HDR 2.0 Module for QuickPHOTO Programs Released

New version of HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) module for QuickPHOTO is now available. It newly supports automated HDR image acquisition feature and can be combined with Deep Focus (EDF) module. More info>>

12/2015 HDR Module for QuickPHOTO Programs

HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) module for QuickPHOTO is now available.

08/2015 Support of Microsoft® Windows® 10 OS in QuickPHOTO Programs

QuickPHOTO 3.1 programs and additional modules support Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating system.

New Models of CANON EOS DSLR Cameras Supported

Canon EOS 750D/Rebel T6i, 760D/Rebel T6s and 7D Mark II are now supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software suite.

New Series of PROMICAM USB 3.0 Digital Cameras

New series of PROMICAM USB 3.0 cameras was introduced. The cameras provide excellent image quality, color reproduction and high live view frame rates. The cameras are supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software.

New Series of PROMICAM USB 2.0 Digital Cameras

New series of PROMICAM USB 2.0 cameras was introduced. The cameras provide excellent image quality for affordable prices. The cameras are supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software.

QuickPHOTO 3.1 Programs Available!

There have been released new QuickPHOTO programs in version 3.1. New versions feature several new features and many improvements. The free 30-day trial versions are available for downloading. Updates are for users of QuickPHOTO 3.0 programs free of charge. For users of previous version are the upgrades available for advantageous prices. You can find more information here.

SUNFLOWER illuminator is now PC controllable

SUNFLOWER illuminator can now be controlled by a computer. The SDK is available.

NEW Version of PRO-3D 2.0 Digital Microscope Available

New version of PRO-3D digital microscope is now compatilbe with LG Cinema 3D monitors and TVs. You can find more information here.