QuickPHOTO Upgrades/Updates

Free of Charge Updates for Owners of QuickPHOTO 3.0 Programs:
You can download a free of charge update to your version of QuickPHOTO 3.1 program in the Downloads section. There is no need to upgrade your dongle. Feel free to download and install!

Upgrades for Owners of Previous Versions of QuickPHOTO Programs:
If you have any of the previous versions of QuickPHOTO program, you can upgrade it to the latest version of QuickPHOTO CAMERA, QuickPHOTO MICRO or QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL for advantageous prices. (For example you can upgrade from QuickPHOTO CAMERA 2.3 program to the latest version of QuickPHOTO CAMERA, QuickPHOTO MICRO or QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL program).

You can also extend the functions of your QuickPHOTO program by an additional module (e.g. Deep Focus, FLUO+, RECORD IT).

How to upgrade?

1. Choose the desired version of the QuickPHOTO program you want to upgrade to or an additional module.
2. Find out your dongle number.
  In order to install an upgrade or a module on your computer it is necessary to upgrade your dongle. This dongle upgrade will be performed automatically by the software during the installation. That is why it is important to find out your dongle number. The dongle number is unique and is burned permanently in your dongle.
  How to find out a dongle number?
  Look at the sticker on the dongle - there is a number printed on the white sticker with the black border placed on all recently released dongles. This number looks like 252568954 for example. If there is no sticker on your dongle, follow the next article.
  Use your QuickPHOTO software to discover the dongle number - there is a Send Dongle Number... function in Help menu of all versions of QuickPHOTO CAMERA, QuickPHOTO MICRO and QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL programs. This option is also included in newer QuickPHOTO PRO versions. If you activate this function, your dongle number will appear.
3. Send the dongle number with your order.
  Send your dongle number with your order (including your contact information and the name of the product you want to upgrade to or a desired module) to your QuickPHOTO software supplier. Make sure the dongle number is correct. In case of wrong number the upgrade will not work. When we will receive the order, we will create an installation CD that will automatically upgrade your dongle. That installation CD will work only with your dongle. If you do not know, who is your QuickPHOTO software supplier - contact us.


02/2017 Image Stitching Module for QuickPHOTO Released

Image Stitching module enables to interactively stitch together multiple fields of view from microscopes with manual stage.
More info>>

12/2016 Automated HDR Imaging Available for Canon EOS DSLRs

Canon EOS DSLR control panel of QuickPHOTO programs now supports automated HDR imaging (HDR module is required). The HDR feature can be also combined with automated EDF imaging by Deep Focus module. Installation package of an updated Canon EOS control panel can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

12/2016 New Models of CANON EOS DSLR Cameras Supported

Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6 and 80D are now supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software suite. Installation package of an updated control panel can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

02/2016 HDR 2.0 Module for QuickPHOTO Programs Released

New version of HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) module for QuickPHOTO is now available. It newly supports automated HDR image acquisition feature and can be combined with Deep Focus (EDF) module. More info>>

New Series of PROMICAM USB 3.0 Digital Cameras

New series of PROMICAM USB 3.0 cameras was introduced. The cameras provide excellent image quality, color reproduction and high live view frame rates. The cameras are supported by QuickPHOTO imaging software.
More info>>