PathScan Enabler IV - skener histologických preparátů

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The PathScan Enabler IV is designed to allow scanning of an entire whole mounted histology sample attached to standard 26 x 76 mm; 1 x 3 inch cover slipped glass slide. The PathScan Enabler IV solves low power, large field of view, high resolution imaging problems.
This instrument will not replace a microscope and digital camera. It is designed to complement those instruments by doing something they cannot. Namely, capture an ENTIRE histological sample without having to stitch it together. The resulting picture will have the image quality of a 5.0x objective.
Conventional microscopes equipped with low power objectives and digital cameras typically cannot capture samples larger than 6 mm in diameter. The PathScan Enabler IV captures specimens as large as 35.9 mm in diameter! Better yet, there is no uneven illumination or out of focus sample edges, as can be the case with traditional low power image capture techniques.
PROMICRA company is an exclusive distributor of PathScan Enabler IV device for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.



  • Scanning of whole histology slides
  • Maximal size of scanned area: 35.9 x 21.4 mm
  • Possibility to select region of interest
  • Single pass scan mode, resolution 7200 DPI
  • Homogeneous background, automatic color correction
  • Typical scan time is under a minute
  • Supported by QuickPHOTO software

Sample Images

Minimal System Requirements

  • Single-core 2.4 GHz or multi-core processor
  • 2 GB of operating memory
  • 1x USB 2.0/3.0 port
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® / 7 /8.1 (32bit only) / 10 (32bit only)

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