PRO-MLS Motorized Microscope Stand

PRO-MLS is a motorized heavy-duty stand developed by PROMICRA suitable for microscopy as well as macro focus stacking applications. Almost any stereomicroscope can be motorized using PRO-MLS stand. The stand can be computer controlled by Deep Focus software module for automatic creating of fully focused (EDF) images.


 User guide

Features and Specifications

  • Motorized Z axis (travel and focusing)
  • Compatible with various optical devices (stereomicroscopes, macroscopes,…) and accessories (X-Y stages, LED illuminators…)
  • Compatible with backlight LED illuminators for transmitted illumination e.g. Schott VisiLED
  • High bearing capacity (up to 16 kg; 35 lb) and rigidity, silent running
  • Travel range 19.5 cm; 7.7 inch
  • Travel range protected by built-in limit switches. Vertical position of lower limit switch adjustable – video tutorial can be found here.
  • Minimal step 15 μm
  • Motorized column can be detached from the base and mounted e.g. to a desk or a table by 6 screws.
  • Optional modified bases available
  • Suitable also for macro applications
  • Controlled by CB-ZM control unit (CB-ZM-MLS variant – required):
    • Focusing and Z-movement by UP and DOWN buttons
    • Change of focus speed using a SPEED button – 4 predefined speed levels available
    • Automatic speed incrementation when holding UP or DOWN button
    • Compatibility with Deep Focus Extended Depth of Field (EDF) module for QuickPHOTO software, optionally also in combination with HDR module for EDF + HDR imaging
    • Remote control by a two-button foot switch (optional)
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant
  • Dimensions: 45 (W) x 45 (D) x 47 (H) cm; 17.7 (W) x 17.7 (D) x 18.5 (H) inch
  • Weight: 20 kg; 44 lb
  • SDK available

PRO-MLS Stand Options

PRO-FUAD Adapter

Adapter with 32mm (optionally 30mm) mounting rod

PRO-FUAD + SZ2-STS Adapters

PRO-FUAD adapter + SZ2-STS focusing arm with 76mm mount (yoke)

Modified Base

PRO-MLS stand with PRO-FUAD adapter and modified base

Examples of Use

Examples of Compatible Stereomicroscopes:

  • OLYMPUS® SZX2, SZX and SZ series and MVX10 macroscope
  • Nikon® SMZ1270/1270i, SMZ800/800N, SMZ745/745T, SMZ445, SMZ460
  • Leica® S6 series, S9 series, M50, M60, M80, S8APO, MZ10F
  • Zeiss® Stemi 305, Stemi 508
  • Huvitz® HSZ-700 and HSZ-600 series
  • Motic® SMZ series with 76mm mount (yoke)
  • All other stereomicroscopes attachable to 32mm rod or with 76mm mount (yoke)

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