PRO-LM-LED-30W Microscope LED Illuminator

This product is discontinued.
High intensity microscope LED illuminator produced by PROMICRA is an excellent replacement of old-fashioned halogen lamps of Olympus® and Labomed® microscopes. The LED illuminator produces more light than standard 100W halogen lamp. Available in Gallery White and Cool White variants.



  • 30W high intensity LED light source
  • Two models: Gallery White (3000 K, maximal luminous flux 1400 lm (+-10%)) and Cool White (5500 K, maximal luminous flux 2350 lm (+-10%))
  • Easy replacement of standard halogen lamp
  • Brighter than standard 100W halogen lamp
  • Excellent illumination homogeneity
  • Constant color temperature at the whole intensity range
  • Constant brightness – no flickering and no interference with the camera’s image frequency
  • Low power consumption and low heat generation
  • Lifetime 70 000 hours
  • Environmentally friendly solution – free from halogen and mercury
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant
  • Powered by PR-LC30 control unit

Compatible Microscopes

PRO-LM-LED-30W illuminator with PRO-LM-LEDAD adapter

OLYMPUS® Microscopes

  • Direct mounting to OLYMPUS® BX40/ BX41/ GX41/ BX45/ IX51/ IX53/ CKX microscopes
  • Direct mounting to OLYMPUS® SZX2-ILLB and SZX2-ILLK stereomicroscope stands
  • Mounting to OLYMPUS® BX50/ BX51/ BX53/ BX60/ IX53/ IX71/ IX73/ IX83/ GX51/ GX71 microscopes using PRO-LM-LEDAD optical adapter
  • Mounting to OLYMPUS® BX43/ BX46 microscopes using U-LS30ADP adapter

LABOMED® Microscopes

  • Direct mounting to LABOMED® TCM 400/ Lx 500/ Lx 400 microscopes

Spectral Characteristics

Gallery White (3000 K)

PRO-LM-LED-30W microscope illuminator gallery white spectrum

Cool White (5500 K)

PRO-LM-LED-30W microscope illuminator with cool white spectrum

Dimensions (in mm)

PRO-LM-LED-30W illuminator dimensions

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