All-in-One Digital Measuring Macro-microscope PRO-20 AFDevice that doesn't need a computer, with 20:1 optical motorized zoom and autofocus

All-in-One Digital Macro-microscope PRO-20 AF - industrial use

The digital macro-microscope PRO-20 AF is a modern, economical alternative to conventional stereomicroscopes and is the ideal solution for fast and quick inspection, observation and documentation of samples and 2D measurements without the use of a computer. The PRO-20 AF is equipped with an optical zoom with large magnification range of 20:1 with motor control and autofocus. Thanks to the large magnification range, the device can be used for macro and micro inspection and documentation.
The device includes a macro-microscope with 20:1 optical zoom, a digital HD camera, a computer with mouse-controlled measuring software, a ring LED difussed illuminator, a stand and an integrated 13,3″ LCD monitor.
The PRO-20 AF device not only saves money, but also space on the desktop. Observation on the built-in monitor instead of eyepeices saves the user’s health.
The PRO-20 AF device is suitable for inspection and quality control in production as well as for life science applications and education.

 Brochure - life science

 Brochure - technical applications

Example Configurations

All-in-One Digital Macro-microscope PRO-20 AF - biology use
PRO-20 AF in basic configuration – use for life sciences

All-in-One Digital Macro-microscope PRO-20 AF - industrial use
PRO-20 AF in basic configuration – use for technical applications

All-in-One Digital Macro-microscope PRO-20 AF with goose neck illuminator - industrial use
PRO-20 AF with additional gooseneck illuminator


  • All-in-One digital macro-microscope that does not need a computer, saving space and money
  • Optical zoom with a large magnification range of 20:1 with motorized control suitable for macro and micro inspection and documentation
  • Fast autofocus
  • Extra-large field of view 200 x 112.5 mm at the smallest zoom magnification
  • Built-in 13.3″ Full HD LCD monitor or an option to connect a separate monitor, TV or projector via HDMI cable
  • Mouse control of device functions directly on the connected monitor
  • Built-in HD digital camera with 2 MP (Full HD – 1920 x 1080 px) resolution for live video and still images
  • Highly fluent live image with a frame rate of 60 frames per second enables lag-free observation
  • Built-in computer with measuring software
  • Built-in ring LED diffused illumination with smooth intensity control provides homogeneous illumination of the samples
  • Wide range of 2D measurement functions in live image with the option of saving to images
  • Marking points of interest in live image with arrows with the option of saving to images
  • Full HD video recording
  • Storage of images, videos, and measurement results on SD card
  • Viewing of saved images, interactive comparison of an image with the live image
  • Exporting measurement results to a CSV file (compatible with MS Excel and other table processors)
  • Easy handling and operation, quick system start
  • Ergonomic positioning of the built-in monitor to reduce user fatigue
  • Optional advanced stands e.g. stand with transmitted light, stand with swing arm (boom stand)
  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions including built-in 13.3″ monitor (w x d x h): 60 x 28 x 40 cm
  • Weight:5 kg

Measuring Features

  • Measurements directly in the live image with the option to save the measurements to the captured images
  • Choice of units (microns, mm, mils, inches) and number of displayed decimal places
  • Display of calibrated scale bar
  • Length of a line segment
  • Distance of the point from the line
  • Angle through three points, angle defined by two lines with the possibility of a vertex outside the field of view
  • Rectangle: dimensions, perimeter, area
  • Circle: diameter, perimeter, area
  • Arc: diameter, length, clamped angle
  • Concentric circles (intermediate circles): radii of the inner and outer circles, area of the intermediate circle
  • Distance between the centres of two circles
  • Polygon: perimeter, area
  • Length of a curve
  • Display of the central cross, grid
  • Possibility to choose the color and thickness of lines of measuring objects

Measurement Examples

Macro/micro Images Acquired by PRO-20 AF - Technical Applications

Macro/micro Images Acquired by PRO-20 AF - Life Science Applications

Examples of Applications

Quality control in production / Testing / Assemblies
Biology / Entomology / Botany
Mineralogy / Geology
Documentation / Archiving
Education / Presentations

Magnification Specifications

Minimal zoom value 1xMaximal zoom value 20x
Total magnification on 13.3" built-in monitor1.5x29.4x
Total magnification on optional 24" monitor2.7x53x
Field of view dimensions200 x 112.5 mm10 x 5.6 mm
Working distance195 mm195 mm

Parts of the Basic Configuration

  • PRO-20 AF body with 20:1 motorized zoom and autofocus, built-in digital HD camera, built-in computer with measuring software and 12V AC adapter
  • Ring light diffused illuminator
  • 13.3″ Full HD LCD monitor with mounting arm, HDMI cable and 12V AC adapter
  • Stand with 38 x 26 cm flat base and a mounting rod of 25 mm diameter
  • Mouse
  • SD card

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