3D Digital Microscope PRO-3D

This product is discontinued.
Additional kit developed by PROMICRA that extends a stereomicroscope by true 3-dimensional stereoscopic imaging using 3D projectors, and acquisition of 3D and 2D digital images. The stereomicroscope is equipped with two digital cameras. Each camera captures a live view of each optical path. Both live views are processed in REAL-TIME and displayed using a 3D projector, which provides LIVE truly spatial observation of specimens.


 User guide


  • 3D live view from a stereomicroscope displayed using a 3D projector can be viewed by mutiple observes e.g. in classrooms
  • Acquisition, storing and viewing of 2D or 3D digital images
  • Remote observation of 3D live view using Skype or TeamViewer
  • 3D live view video recording possible using third party screen video recording programs (e.g. Camtasia®)

3D Video Example

The following video displays examples of 3D live view and then 3D images from 3D digital microscope PRO-3D 2.0. 3D monitor, TV or projector with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting side-by-side 3D mode is needed to watch this video in 3D.

Fields of Use

Biological and medical fields – entomology, botany, anatomy
Geoscience – geology, mineralogy and archaeology
Education – training

Items Included in the Kit

  • 2x digital USB 2.0 CMOS camera
  • PRO-3D 2.0 application software
  • 2x PCI Express USB controller for connecting the cameras
  • Stage micrometer for calibration
  • USB cables
  • User guide

System Requirements

  • Stereomicroscope with 2 optical outputs (one for each optical axis) with 0.5x C-mount adapters for camera connection, e.g. OLYMPUS® SZX7. Two eyepiece camera adapters can be optionally used.
  • Illuminator
  • 3D projector with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting side-by-side 3D mode: e.g. OPTOMA or EPSON 3D projectors
  • Desktop PC with:
    • Intel® Core® i3 processor (i5 or better is recommended) or other with similar performance
    • 2 GB of operating memory (4 GB or more recommended)
    • 2x PCI Express slot for USB controllers
    • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8.1/10

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